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Having recently installed the Haven Theatre Company shows with nearly 600 costumes, the Jagprops team are now busy installing the newest Funstar costumes for Haven, called Glam Rock. These will also be seen across the U.K. It’s a busy time.

Jagprops are delighted to be working with Sky/Now TV once more. This time we are designing and making promotional ‘Game of Thrones’ costumed pillows to be used to promote the new series. Game of Thrones Pillow Design

Jagprops designed and built this Beast for a Christmas scene at Telford Shopping Centre.



Killer Queen CrownJagprops were approached by lead singer of ‘Killer Queen’ to make a crown for the Queen tribute band. Made in brass sheet and decorated with fake gems. This beauty will be held on stage in front of hundreds of fans.


Jagprops were recently commissioned by Sky to make 100 generic zombie popcorn tubs and 20 celebrity popcorn tubs. Olly Murs tweeted about his one! My favourite is the Stephen Fry tub.




Jagprops made some fun costumes for the West End musical  ‘I Can’t Sing!’ but the musical was pulled before anyone got to see it! Thanks Simon Cowell!